Who’s caring for the ICU physicians? As a critical care physician, Kelli Mathew knew her days were spinning in the wrong direction. For one thing, her well of empathy was dry. When unvaccinated people came to her, suffering the effects of COVID, Mathew began snapping back. She had run outContinue Reading

The aim is to carry out research that actively involves children, so they are not only positioned as the object of research. This approach is called “child participatory research”. Significant participation of children is necessary because their needs and potentials will be adequately met if adults listen to their voicesContinue Reading

Snout bubbles let anoles stay submerged in streams for up to about 20 minutes. Some anole lizards have a newfound superpower: They can breathe underwater by trapping air in a bubble on their snouts. What’s more, these reptiles can stay submerged for nearly 20 minutes by rebreathing exhaled air inContinue Reading

State-run boarding schools for Indigenous children operated in Canada between 1863 and 1998. Unmarked graves that may hold the bodies of more than 160 Indigenous children were found this month on Penelakut Island, previously known as Kuper Island, in British Columbia, Canada. Representatives of the Penelakut Tribe found the gravesContinue Reading