Mice and humans infected with dengue emit acetophenone, a mosquito-attractor Some mosquito-borne viruses turn mice into alluring mosquito bait. Mice infected with dengue or Zika viruses — and people infected with dengue — emit a flowery, orange-smelling chemical that tempts hungry mosquitoes, researchers report June 30 in Cell. In mice,Continue Reading

A complete guide to coconut milk nutrition and how this plant-based drink stacks up against other milk alternatives Due to its distinctive flavor and creamy texture, coconut milk can add a nice twist to coffees, protein shakes and desserts. Although it’s nowhere near as popular as other plant-based milk alternativesContinue Reading

A regular round-up of the latest coronavirus news, plus insight, features and interviews from New Scientist about the covid-19 pandemic Covid-19 caused 5.6 per cent of all deaths in England in February Covid-19 was the third leading cause of death in England and the sixth biggest driver of fatalities inContinue Reading