The position description and criteria for the position of Operational Head of World Research Council for Indian wing shall be set by the Committee under the terms of the procedures, following a
proportionate model.

Must be an Indian Nationality

The individual must be the member of World Research Council.

The individual must be engaged in research, research training and related activities, in India.

The individual must also have the recognition of the vital importance of research, the new knowledge and applications that it creates, the knowledgeable and skilled human resources developed through the process of conducting research, as well as the importance of peer review, which ensures that funded research meets the highest standards of excellence.

A letter signed by the president/principal or delegate of the institution requesting individual eligibility, including a statement confirming that they have read and are willing to sign the Agreement and comply with the requirements, policies and procedures.

i) Approving Authority: Board of Governors (on the recommendation of Senate)
ii) Designated Executive Officer: Vice-President Research
iii) Procedural Authority: Vice-President Research
iv) Procedural Officer: Vice-President Research