Vision & Mission

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The World Research Council is an online sovereign body committed to empowering researchers all over the world with the right use of technology towards some betterment or enhancements. The WRC’s valued assets consist of well-stacked researchers, technologies and profound skills, help produce better research outcomes.

The World Research Council strives for the collaboration of innovative ideas, experimentation, research theses, journals & periodicals on multifarious topics all over the world, for the dissemination of research creativity to bring all under one roof.

So the council’s vast experience and known integrity in upkeep of confidentiality and researcher’s intellectual property comes a long way in attaining top notch standards.


The World Research Council has its primary vision to enhance the quality of research with a keen eye for the stimulation of innovations through the utilization of right technologies to sustain excellence envisioning the ultimate betterment of Research work all over the world.

Furthermore, WRC collaborate researches, scholarly journals and periodicals all across India under one roof, for ease in physical and virtual accessibility to our stakeholders.


Working towards realizing our vision in staying firm to our principles of:

  • Fortifying innovative ideas
  • Fostering a culture of qualitative research
  • Motivating young and emerging researchers
  • Bridging interaction among researchers of all ranks for increased knowledge sharing
  • Encouraging multidisciplinary research
  • Improving the accessibility to the research publications & journals from all over India
  • Facilitating research