Astronomers used gravitational lensing and supercomputers to identify the colossal black hole, which is among the largest ever found. Astronomers have discovered one of the largest black holes ever found — an ultramassive monster roughly 30 billion times the mass of the sun — using a space-time trick predicted byContinue Reading

Watch live online as the dwarf planet Ceres swoops in front of the ‘grand design’ spiral galaxy Messier 100 this weekend. This weekend, you can watch live as the first asteroid ever discovered passes across one of the night sky’s most beautiful spiral galaxies. The Rome-based Virtual Telescope Project(opens inContinue Reading

Scientists detected a cloud of gas sculpted into a wonky tadpole shape near the Milky Way’s center, possibly pointing to a rare intermediate-mass black hole. An enormous, deformed dust cloud that astronomers nicknamed “the Tadpole” could point to the location of an extremely rare type of black hole never confirmedContinue Reading