Sheepshead fish chew their food. Sheepshead fish (Archosargus probatocephalus) are a species of ray-finned, predominantly marine fish commonly found along the eastern coastline of North America and South America. They are known for their front teeth, which can look uncannily like human teeth(opens in new tab). Sheepshead fish should notContinue Reading

A lab experiment shows how fear can render some exotic species less harmful Invasive mosquito fish are often fearless. Free from the predators of their native range, these mosquito fish run rampant, throwing naive ecosystems from Europe to Australia out of whack. To keep the problematic fish in check, scientistsContinue Reading

Ants have social networks, and they exchange info through vomit. Ants have social networks just like humans do, but instead of exchanging information through posts and comments, they vomit into each other’s mouths. Most insects have a foregut, a midgut and a hindgut. “However, for social insects, the foregut hasContinue Reading