The International Energy Agency projects that spending on renewables in 2022 will exceed the record $440 billion invested last year Global clean energy spending is expected to surge 12 percent in 2022, reaching $1.4 trillion as the world pours money into renewables, electric vehicles and energy efficiency, according to aContinue Reading

Monitoring speed-of-light changes in Earth’s gravitational field could speed up hazard warnings Massive earthquakes don’t just move the ground — they make speed-of-light adjustments to Earth’s gravitational field. Now, researchers have trained computers to identify these tiny gravitational signals, demonstrating how the signals can be used to mark the locationContinue Reading

How far could you go without crossing any major bodies of water? Starting from any point on Earth, how far could someone walk without crossing any major bodies of water? You may start by wondering how long it would take you to cross the contiguous United States — a featContinue Reading

Laboratory experiments suggest that these worlds have especially gooey interiors Humble oxygen is more than just a building block of life. The element could also help scientists sneak a peek into the innards of planets orbiting faraway stars, a new study suggests. Laboratory experiments show that rocks exposed to higherContinue Reading